#PeopleStories: Human Resources (HR) Executive

Are you interested in to be a Human Resource (HR) Executive? Read the career journey of a HR Executive, Safinah Binti Md Rashid from Marks & Spencer yo find out more.
Safinah Binti Md Rashid
Human Resources (HR) Executive

What do you do? 

I’m working as a HR Generalist where I am in charge of Recruitment, Payroll as well as Administration tasks in the retail industry. For Recruitment, I am responsible to source for suitable candidates from junior to senior positions, whether they will be based at the Retail Store or at Headquarters. I will post job ads on job portals and do résumé screening first, followed by phone screening where I will ask general questions. Once I am done with the screening, I will pass the shortlisted resumes to the Hiring Manager and obtain their availability for me to conduct the interview.

On the day of the interview, I will place the candidate in the meeting room and collect the requested documents from them before I pass the candidate to the respective manager(s). If necessary, a second interview will be conducted. I will contact the candidate again if he/she is being hired and if not, I will send an email to notify them that their application is unsuccessful.

For Payroll, I will key in the details required by the SAP system which will enable it to process the staffs’ payment by the end of the month. High attention to detail is required while completing this task to make sure every staff will not be short or over pay.

Administration tasks require me to prepare letters for staff that have been newly hired, confirmed, promoted to another position or entitled for increment. Other than that it would be the usual filing of documentation.

How did you get here?

My previous job at a startup company required me to focus more on Administration, Customer Service, Sales and some tasks that were related to HR. I never saw myself as a person that would be in the HR field but the interest was there. I decided to make a big change in my career field and proceeded to apply for a HR-related job. More than 20 companies rejected my application as I wasn’t from a related field but that didn’t stop me from continuing to try. I received two job offers later from well-known companies (which almost gave me a heart attack!) and I accepted the offer from the one that suited my interests best. 

Why do you do it?

I do it for the passion of wanting to help Malaysia’s working field become better in every aspect and most importantly, to reduce the unemployment rate among all Malaysians.    

Who should do it?

Anyone who is willing to take on challenges in the HR field itself as this field is really huge. You can be under Recruitment, Payroll, Compensation & Benefits, IR, Training and manymore.

As long as you can deliver your tasks in a timely manner, nothing is impossible

Where can you work?

Since the HR field is huge, you can work locally as well as internationally at any industry as every company in the world requires a HR.