#BeAnAwesome: Communication Executive

Pick up various skills, excel in one and have the passion to learn a variety of it. It’s not always about scoring exams, it’s who you meet and build relationships with which will help you grow in this industry. Be humble and have the patience to learn, unlearn and relearn when duty calls. Finally, learn how to have fun and relax; it’ll give you a fresh eye and mind to see new things creatively.
Lim Feixiang
Communications Executive at Wago Sdn Bhd

What will I do?

In between planning digital communication strategies and working with different collaborators in developing creative communication tools, my day to day task involves drinking a lot of coffee to get my creative juices brewing. As we’re running a virtual office – which means I get to work in my boxers from home – gives me time to go out there and meet people to open up doors for new business opportunities.

Is it for me?

This is for you if you love ideas and working your @$$ off in seeing them come to life. If you have the ability to communicate your ideas well and convince clients to see the value in them, you've already won half the battle. One needs to be resilient and able to handle difficult situations like George Lois (The real Don Draper). 

Creativity is a skill that needs to be harnessed – one doesn’t need to come from a creative or marketing background, but it would make things easier. It’s all about the attitude and value you want to bring; everything else can be learnt over time.

How much will I earn?

Starting pay can range anywhere between RM2,000 - RM2,500. Big agencies offer better pay but I feel it’s the smaller agencies that give you the most learning value.

Who will employ me?

Big agencies like Leo Burnett, M&CSaatchi and TBWA are always looking for young, flying executives. Local start-up creative agencies like Wago, Motio Fixio and Bomb Shelter Studios are looking for people with talent who want to do great and exciting work.  


A marketing degree from a well-respected university would be sufficient. It’s the skills you bring to the table that counts most.