#BeAnAwesome: Copywriter

Is being a copywriter your dream come true? If that's the case then let's dive into what it takes to be an awesome copywriter!

Producing effective text and taglines for advertisements and products is the basic responsibility of a copywriter.

Copywriters are responsible for coming up with original and captivating text (called copy) that are used in advertising (usually print and online) in order to increase the sales of the product or service. The copy produced has to reflect the image of the client's product or service, as well as meet their objectives. Copywriters usually work within a creative team that consists of a graphic designer, visualiser and art director, overseen by the creative director.


As a copywriter you can specialise in advertising or product information, or specific industries.

Academic and other requirements

You need to be fluent in your chosen language. It would be ideal if you have a degree or diploma in language, journalism or mass communications. IT skills would be beneficial as well as some basic design skills. 

Personal skills and attributes

Do you have a flair for the written word? Do you have the ability to write concise, catchy and innovative phrases, headlines and body copy aimed at selling products or services? Are you self-motivated, able to work well under pressure and versatile?


Copywriters are employed by advertising agencies, package design companies, publishing houses, communications or public relations departments in large companies and other organisations in various industries to write articles, bulletins, sales letters, speeches and other related informative and promotional material. They can also work on a freelance basis.