#BeAnAwesome: Journalist

Is being a journalist your dream come true? If that's the case then let's dive into what it takes to be an awesome journalist!

The primary function of a journalist is to inform and educate. You investigate leads and news tips, research, observe events and interview people. You write news reports, commentaries and features for newspapers and magazines (print journalism) or radio and television stations (broadcast journalism).

You have to keep up with events happening around you and daily tasks include attending events and assignments, reading and researching articles, writing and submitting text as well as verifying information, proofreading and interviewing. You need to create and maintain contacts and sources. You also liaise with other staff such as artists, photographers and presenters.


You usually staft off reporting general news but with some years of experience, you can specialise in fields such as environment, health, education, politics or sports.

Academic and other requirements

You need a diploma or degree in any discipline but one in journalism, mass communications or a related subject can be advantageous.

Personal Skills and Attributes

Do you have a flair for the language you plan to report in? Are you curious about what's happening around you?


Newspapers, publishing houses, broadcating companies and periodicals publishers employ journalists. The field is flexible and you can also work as a freelancer or on a contractual basis.

More information

National Union of Journalists of Malaysia