#PeopleStories: Chief Technology Officer

Find out what's it like to be a Chief Technology Officer of Creative Unicorn Sdn Bhd as Verat Yuthavong talks to coursesmalaysia.com about his career journey.
Verat Yuthavong
Chief Technology Officer at Creative Unicorn Sdn Bhd

What do you do?

My job roles and responsibilities range from managing projects, coding architecture, research and development, and meeting up with clients over technical discussions. Different clients have different needs for their technical development plans, so detailed discussions with them are important. In my spare time, I read up on what’s new in the tech world and perhaps do some simple projects to measure how much I can apply this to my main work and gain new learning experiences.

How did you get here?

It all started when I got my first Atari station as a kid which led to me playing countless hours of video games. However, this interest did not just end there. From then on, my excitement and curiosity to know how video games work grew over time. I was never a grade A student in school, but I was very much interested in computers and programming which led me to begin learning my first programming language. I went on to study computer science and information technology at university. What I learned there was just the tip of the iceberg but it’s important nonetheless to know the core basics of programming. 

Why do you do it?

I have a great passion for programming and the wonders of how it evolves every day. This is what excites me no matter what job title I hold - it all comes down to having fun while coding. The best part about challenges in programming is that it teaches your mind to think differently to solve its problems, and this is what motivates me to be its finest student.

Who should do it?

Most importantly, someone with a passion in programming. It also important to be ready to equip yourself with the relevant skills sets. Besides that, this job is open to anyone who has an interest in solving problems, an eagerness to acquire new ideas by means of learning new technologies, does not give up easily and last but not least, enjoys coding. Apart from that, being a team player is also a must in order to communicate with other developers and the like. 

Where can you work?

Software house companies, where you learn structured organisation and coding in teams amongst your peers, would be the best starting point. The team usually comprises of a team leader, scrum master (depending on the company) and two to three developers. As you grow, your experiences and results speaks for themselves and you will soon find yourself climbing ladders. You will know when it is your time to move on to the next level of challenges and ultimately be the chief technology officer of a company.