#PeopleStories: Software Engineer

Do you want to be a Software Engineer? Read more for Benjamin Chung Koan Shinn's details on his career as a software engineer at Exact Asia Development Centre.
Benjamin Chung Koan Shinn
Software Engineer at Exact Asia Development Centre

What do you do?

I joined the company as a full-timer a few months ago. Besides training, my daily tasks include attending meetings and participating in brainstorming sessions, and of course, coding. I am responsible for maintaining the products provided by the company. I also ensure that there is active collaboration and communication among one another in the team, which is very important.

How did you get here?

It has been a long road. I started off as a kid who got lazy at the age of 16. I also lost motivation for everything, not thinking about my future. My grades were only halfway decent, and I was a person with little to no accolades to boast about. But what attracted me to computer science for tertiary education was my curiosity of technology. 

When I got into the course, it took hard work, late nights, and a lot of binge eating (which is a bad habit, I admit). The university could only teach me so much. In this journey I learnt how to be self-resourceful, how to be a good problem-solver, how to adapt a good learning attitude, and how to be more collective and collaborative when I do my work. All these experiences were not only valuable, but were part of how I finally found purpose for myself.

Why do you do it?

At first, and like anyone else, I got into a job because I wanted to make a living. But I like my current job because it is a good area to grow in. When people look for jobs, the pay is usually the main attraction, but little do they consider the nature of the job, and whether the outfit will nurture their talents for personal and professional development. That is what my current company does, and their facilitation for employee development is one of the best parts of working with them. The motivation drivers for me in this job are the reputation of the company, the knowledgeable people around me, and the very fact that the development I receive along the way will be good for me in the long run. By the way, my pay and benefits are altogether good.

Who should do it?

People who like coding, have an innovative mind, are adaptable (you must conform to change; being complacent is highly discouraged) and are proactive would be a good fit for this job. Having soft skills is a plus. When companies look for people to help them expand beyond being a book-keeping software company, one will not only be involved in daily operations but also in additional initiatives. 

Where can you work?

Companies of any size in areas of financial technology, banking, accounting, and even the video gaming industry. Also, you can work beyond the traditional companies - you can create a startup that's involved in technology.