#PeopleStories: Web Developer

Keen on being a Web Developer? Here is where you find out as Rajaletchumi Subramaniam shares the insights of what she does.
Rajaletchumi Subramaniam
Web Developer of EP-Asia

What do you do?

My work is a daily routine. Once I switch on my computer I usually check all our branding websites to make sure they are running properly. In IT terms, this includes the updating, maintaining and enhancement of websites. I ensure that there are no errors or bugs existing in our websites. Then I will proceed to check my email inbox. I typically receive emails from our client support department with updated materials from clients to be uploaded onto their profile on our website. 

Other than handling the website, I also create and send eDMs (Electronic Direct Mailers) to our website members upon client request. I’m also responsible for designing, coding and modifying websites - from layout to function - according to our managerial specifications. 

How did you get here?

This is my first job after I graduated from university. I completed my Bachelor of Computer Security at UNITAR International University. After I graduated, I went to Mega Careers and Study Fair February 2016 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. I dropped my résumé at the EP-Asia booth. I received a call after the fair and attended an interview at the office where I’m working now. 

Why do you do it?

I am motivated each day by challenging myself to beat my deadlines. I try my best to complete my tasks with accuracy. Even when doing independent work, I find I am able to stay motivated without my superior's involvement and it’s a platform to learn new things by myself.  

I like my job because I get to apply what I learnt in university in my job every day. My superior gives me a lot of freedom to complete my work. My working environment is great! My colleagues are a friendly bunch. Every day my colleagues would wish me good morning. It always feels like a warm welcome to office. I really enjoy working here.

Who should do it?

The web developer job would be well-suited to anyone with a deep interest and understanding in programming. This is a job for one who has sufficient knowledge in both HTML programming and graphic designing. The most recent version, HTML5, contains new features that web developers need to understand. People need to have high patience in this job. Sometimes we need to do a lot of testing for creating websites.

Where can you work?

Web developers can work as computer and information systems managers, computer programmers, computer support specialists, computer systems analysts, database administrators, information security analysts and software developers.

The type of industry or size of organisation is not an important factor in this job. In my opinion, the job is related to programming and coding, so a web developer can survive any industry or size of organisation.