#BeAnAwesome: Computer Science Engineer

Computer science and engineering is an exciting profession. Technical skills aside, take the opportunity to acquire leadership skills when you participate in business entrepreneurship programmes.
Mohana Ramakrishnan
Lecturer in Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Science at Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak

What will I do?

Computer science and engineering is a good multi-disciplinary field that involves developing software and hardware structures of computers, networks, embedded devices as well as operating systems, compilers and networking software. 

Examples of some areas would be the use of computers in earthquake monitoring, traffic signals, flight control, automotive control and smart homes.

Is it for me?

In general, a computer science engineer will:

  • Establish a beneficial computer science and engineering career by working in industry, government, or the scholarly world
  • Engage in professional practice of computer system engineering and programming
  • Promote creative frameworks and results using hardware and software
  • Promote configuration, research, and execution of programs/products and information services in the field of computer science and engineering through compact communication, initiative, and entrepreneurial skills.

Who will employ me?

A computer science and engineering graduate can have a great choice in selecting their job based on their interest with the degree that they have earned.

Below is a list of some of the top Malaysian software companies that employ computer science engineers:

  • JCY International Bhd
  • YTL E-Solutions Bhd
  • UNISEM (M) Bhd
  • Malaysian Pacific Industries Bhd
  • Green Packet Bhd

The above mentioned companies are not only involved with software but also hardware systems.

How much will I earn?

In Malaysia, computer science engineers can earn approximately RM3,000 to RM18,000 per month, but it largely depends on their practical and intellectual experiences in and around all developing technologies.

Some of the popular jobs that are relevant to computer science are:

  • Software engineer
  • Technical assistance
  • Programmer
  • Analyst (junior/senior)
  • Software tester
  • Software or hardware developer
  • Design technologist.


Part of the real research zones which the working parts and understudy deals with are:

  • Networks
  • Database
  • Image processing
  • Theoretical computer science
  • Multimedia
  • Software engineering
  • Data mining.

Since computers are part of our lives, one can work with computers virtually anywhere and not necessarily just within software fields. Jobs can be found in banking, hoteling, civil construction, electrical and mechanical industries as well as in electronics companies.