#BeAnAwesome: IT Account Manager

Research about the company that you want to work for, learn about the industry and learn about the products, don't try to act smart if you can't answer a question asked by a customer.
Celine Chan
Account Manager at ReadSoft Asia Sdn Bhd

What will I do?

Account Planning 

Getting in touch with customers, looking for project opportunities, and working out the next action plan to move the project forward (in order to close the deal).

Product Training

We are constantly being trained on existing products. New versions of software, for example, means new information to absorb, and new ways to propose a solution to customers.

Customer Relationship 

Building and maintaining relationships with new and existing customers. A happy customer is an ally to a salesperson; they will provide a lot of inside information and be a good reference for other customers.

Is it for me?

Sales can be a very rewarding career but it is not for everyone.

Someone who is not afraid of challenges 

Our line of work is not about pushing products to customers, but offering solutions to their business pains.

Someone with high EQ 

You have to be able to face all sorts of people without letting anyone or anything affect your mood and professionalism.

Someone who likes travelling and meeting new people 

Salespeople tend to travel a lot, so be prepared for it.

What is the most enjoyable part of the job?

  • Getting to travel overseas for training and meeting
  • Meeting people; be it customers or even fellow travellers
  • Freedom and flexibility (but don’tt abuse the trust placed on you by your senior management and/or company)
  • High returns (commission)
  • Travel/car and entertainment allowance
  • Sense of accomplishment when closing big deals or projects.

Who will employ me?

The good thing about being a salesperson is that you are not tied to a specific industry. As long as you have the drive to learn new skills, products or solutions, and most importantly, have the desire to earn a lot of money, you will be able to survive and make it in any industry. However, constantly changing jobs is not good way to gain experience.

How much will I earn?

This actually varies greatly, depending on the type of industry and most importantly, the company you're in. Some sales positions offer a commission percentage package – for example, a 70/30 package means 70% is your base salary and the 30% is commission based, while some offer a full commission package. This means the sales person earns zero if they don't sell.

So, the earning can easily range between an average of RM36,000 to RM72,000, excluding travel allowances and other claims, as well as commission. There are some salespeople who easily earn RM10,000 to RM15,000 a month from their commission payouts.