#CoursesGalore: Game Programming (Also Computer Game Programming/ Video Game Production)

If you're interested in pursuing your education in Game Programming (Also Computer Game Programming/ Video Game Production), here are some essential tips about this course that you should know!

What is it?

A course in game programming will typically cover the development of video games from conception to completion.  

Game programming utilises a wide range of skills from writing and artistic skills to programming and 3D modelling. Game programmers need to be well versed in the design, development and maintenance of gaming applications on a variety of platforms; game testing strategies; solving complex problems within the game development; and communicating with customers and understanding their requirements.

What will you study?

You will develop programming skills in various languages used in the electronic games industry such as C, C and Java; mathematics, object physics and gaming console hardware and software architecture; and gaming aesthetics and genres, etc. 

Computer games are also increasingly used to support teaching and learning, so you may also be taught to design for curriculum and pedagogy. 

Core subjects 

Computer science; discrete structures; algorithms and data structures; computer graphics; games programming languages; 3D modelling and animation; computer organisation; operating systems.

Typical course duration

A degree in this subject will take at least three years to complete.


Good grades in mathematics are usually required.

What do graduates do? 

Graduates can find jobs as game developers, designers and programmers. They can also work in web or software development.