Studying in Sweden

Have you ever wondered about continuing your studies in Sweden? Find out about the visa requirements, work options and other information that will give you a headstart in making your dreams of studying in Sweden come true!

The name 'Sweden' often conjures images of functional furniture and vehicles, and the smell of meatballs and cinnamon rolls. Nonetheless, Sweden is also renowned for its distinct culture, environmental awareness, as well as commercial and technological achievements and, is home to the prestigious Nobel Prize.

The Swedish higher learning institutes are rigorously evaluated by the Swedish Higher Education Authority every six years to ensure that these learning institutions maintain - if not improve - a high level of quality in providing education to local and international students alike.

Visa Requirements

You will need a resident permit if you plan to study in Sweden for more than three months. The application can be made at the Swedish embassy.

Compulsory documents for application include:

  • Copy of a valid passport and two passport photos
  • Evidence of admittance in a recognised institution of higher education
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover your living expenses for the duration of your stay (around RM3,500 per month)
  • Health insurance
  • The receipt for payment made on application fee (around RM460)

Language of Instruction

The courses are usually taught in Swedish, although some courses are offered in English. To enrol in a Swedish programme, you will need to demonstrate a proficiency level through the Test in Swedish for University Studies (TISUS) test. 

To enrol in an English-language programme, you will need to produce evidence of proficiency in the form of test results such as TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge ESOL or equivalent.

Work Options

International students do not need a special permit to work. For more information, visit Working in Sweden.

Tuition Fees

Currently, the Swedish government fully subsidises a majority of the tuition fees for both Swedish and international students. However, you will need to pay a membership fee to the local student union. The fees range from RM25 to RM160 per semester, depending on the union. This will provide you with a student card that entitles you to discounts for public transportation and for shopping at stores. You will also need to have the card before you can take any exams in university.

The Swedish government may impose tuition fees on non-European Union (EU) students from 2011 onwards. Fees may be priced between RM37,000 and RM124,000, depending on the university and the course of study. Application fees of RM420 may also be imposed at all Swedish universities.

Living in Sweden

The average student will require about RM3,500 per month to cover food, accommodation, travel, communication services, insurance, personal care, student union fee, hobbies, leisure and clothing as well as other miscellaneous expenses. You can opt to rent a private flat but it is pricier than student flats or student dormitories, the popular choice. Bear in mind that student dormitories in Sweden are co-ed; there will be male and female students staying on the same floor. Each dormitory will have up to 15 rooms on each corridor; each room must be occupied by only one student, who will share the television room and kitchen with everyone else in the dorm.


Tickets can be purchased at a starting price of RM3,000 per flight from KL to Stockholm.

Health Insurance

International students who will be staying in Sweden for more than a year can apply for civil registration at their local tax office as soon as they arrive to enjoy the same health benefits as the Swedes.

Students who stay for less than one year are not entitled to medical insurance and are advised to arrange for private insurance as medical treatment can be expensive.


Swedish institutions do not offer scholarships. Nevertheless, the Swedish Institute offers hundreds of scholarships to foreign students, or you can try to secure a corporate scholarship that allows you to further your studies in a Swedish university.

Local Contact

Embassy of Sweden in Kuala Lumpur
157, Jalan Mayang Sari, Hampshire Park, 50450 Kuala Lumpur